Document requirements in HR app

Hi All,

Hoping someone could assist.

I am currently building a human resources app where it tracks all candidates from being a lead through to being employed. One part of it is where I am currently stuck. I have a section where it tracks all the candidates documents requirement before being approved and employed.

  1. I have already setup a table for “Jobs” - this is where the details of the jobs they are going to. This will also include all document requirements such as Offer letter, details form. etc etc.

  2. I have a “human resources” table where it stores all information of the candidate.

What I want to achieve is, the similar setup as in the image where I have a dashboard with all candidates name, left side is their name, and right side is where all the requirements are. e.g. each header is a requirement. Once I have their document, e.g. offer letter, user shall be able to set the field to “yes”, so on and so forth…

Also, another tricky part is, each job will have different requirements. e.g. Job ID: 512553 will require drivers license, while Job ID: 32409 doesnt.

So its very dynamic .

I am really lost in terms of how to approach the database format.

Hoping someone could assist.

Thanks All