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Documentation needs updating

One of my biggest issues with Bubble is that the documentation is not at all clear for non-engineers. It’s true that we can start building by dragging and dropping, but pretty soon we need to start searching and sorting. This, for example, from the documentation, is really not clear to me:

“Any field
This lets you perform a search accross all the fields of the database, for a given type. For instance, looking for all entries that have John as a first name OR a last name.”

I have discovered (well, in fact my “engineer” discovered it, she’s amazing) that it does half of what I have been trying to do for quite some time. But it’s also quite poorly written, because it suggests that it will “search accross all the fields of the database”, but it won’t. It will only search across all fields on the database that are in the same Data Type. See the difference?

The problem is that the documentation presumably holds clues to all sorts of amazing goodies, but with no concrete examples, it’s impossible to understand them.

So, any chance of an overhaul of the Documentation, and maybe some more tutorials that play around with things like search to let us non-engineers in to some of the hidden secrets??

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There is a button below the section list if you want to help editing the documentation if there are unclear sentences.

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It’s not so much that the Documentation is not clear, it’s that as a non-engineer, I don’t know what things mean and what they can do…