Documentation on Slidable Menu Plugin

Hello Everyone…
I have just added the Slidable Menu plugin and put said item on a page… but now what? When I view the page and click on the menu nothing happens! Is there some documentation I have missed somewhere? Is there something obvious I’m not doing?
Thank you!

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Hi @antony! :slight_smile: Welcome to the Forum!

If you double-click the slidemenu element on the page, you can enter the names of different pages in your app. For example, if you entered ‘Home’ and ‘About’ for those pages, it would look like this:

Then you can create workflows for each Slidemenu options in the workflow tab. First, select the event “When: Elements → A Slide menu’s option is clicked”:

In the ‘only when’ input, you’ll specify each slidemenu option. For example, when a User clicks ‘Home’, I’d like the workflow to navigate them to the Index page. The workflow would look like this:

*Here I had to manually type in Home, making sure it matched the Slidemenu option punctuation exactly. If I had entered home (all lowercase) - the workflow would not run because the slidemenu option is Home (capitalized).

Then you would just need to create a similar workflow for every slidemenu option you’ve entered in the element.

And that should do it! :slight_smile: Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


Hey Faye, that is an amazing response, thank you. Yes, it wasn’t clear that each option in the “Appearance” tab is a page. I’ll give it a go! :smile:

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Conditional Slidemenu Option

In addition, it is possible to show a slide menu option that is conditional.

For example. To show a menu item only if the user is logged in you could do the following:

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