Documentation Template?

I am building my app and it’s getting a bit complicated.

Does any expert developer here knows of a good documentation guideline or template one should/can use to document everything about one’s app including database, workflows, styles, etc?

I use gitbook

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AirTable is a good one for development that I use to keep track of stuff

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Thanks @johnny I understand Airtable, Gitbook, Notion, etc. are good platforms for documentation.

What I am looking for is the template showing what to document and how to document so that the handover of app becomes easier.

Ah I see, yes. So this was a thing I struggled with, but when I got settled with AirTable, they have templates they give you and you can just rename them to Styles, Workflows, Pages, To-Do (if you wish, I use Trello and their power ups for this), etc.

I personally don’t prefer Gitbook for internal documentation for development, it’s better user-ended in my opinion.

I believe this one is the one I use: Project Tracker Template - Free to Use | Airtable

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So you prefer a structured/hierarchical layouts for documentation? For instance, database>Data Type>>Thing1, Thing2, etc followed by your notes for each. If yes, how do you maintain documentation for workflows?

Hey @myflappd,

So I don’t actually personally track any Styles, Workflows or Data Types. I track pages and individual tasks that need to be completed per page.

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Thanks @johnny . That’s very helpful.

However, if you’re planning the structure of your database, this documentation by @AirDev is helpful: Structure the database - Bubble Development Best Practices Guide