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Hello, great plugin. purchased it today.
I need to know if you can expose a custom height and width variable to change it dynamically.
That would be awesome.

Hi @richmerren.

At the moment the plugin element allows changing width and height only with static values. Thank you for your suggestion, we will investigate with the dev team if it’s possible to add dynamic fields and release a new plugin update. Once there will be any updates, we will let you know.

Cheers :hugs:

Thoughts on exposing a “Is Loaded -Y/N” state or something on the document viewer that would allow us to display a message like “We’re loading your Document, please be patient” prior to the document viewer appearing to render the document? We’ve had reports from some users saying their files aren’t loading, but we do know that the file can take a few seconds to appear in the element, so they just assume something is broken.

Hi @justin12,

Thank you for reaching out!

At the moment, the plugin doesn’t have this state present.

I have added your request to the list of Plugin Improvements and will inform you once the update is available. Since this feature request is at low priority now, we can’t provide any time frames.

Thank for your understanding.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Hello @justin12,

Regrettably, we are unable to incorporate this feature into the plugin at the present time. Rest assured, your suggestion has been duly noted, and should the opportunity arise to include it in the future, we will reach out to you.

Wishing you a wonderful day! :blush:

Hello @richmerren,

We’re excited to inform you about a recent update to this plugin. In version 1.25.0, we’ve introduced improvements related to dynamically setting the width and height of the element, specifically designed for New Responsive.

To take advantage of these enhancements, we recommend updating the plugin to this latest version. You can easily do this by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the “Plugins” tab in your Bubble editor.
  2. Locate the Air Document Viewer plugin.
  3. Click on the plugin, and you should see the option to update it to version 1.25.0.

Once updated, you’ll have access to the latest features and improvements. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the update process, please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or at support@zeroqode.com.

Wishing you a fantastic day ahead! :blush:

Hi there, we’ve been using this plugin and we’re running into a consistent issue:

In short:

  • The user clicks an icon which displays a file to a popup
  • Inside the popup, we have the viewer which displays the file hosted on the popup
  • We run into 2 issues:
  1. in the first instance (ie when the user clicks the icon for the first time since the page loaded) the viewer generally displays nothing (although sometimes it does, but rarely)
  2. in the following instances, the viewer works unreliably, displaying sometimes nothing, sometimes the right document, but sometimes (even more problematic) the previous document…

We tried many things including emptying the popup, leaving up to 10 seconds for the data to load, etc… But nothing seems to remove the unreliability…

Love this tool but need to find a way to make it work more consistently. Let me know!

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Hello @xavier1,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We’re sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re experiencing with the plugin. Indeed, some types of files or larger files can take a while to fully render on the page. To address this, you might want to use the “isLoading” state, which displays “yes” when the viewer is loading and “no” when it is ready.

To better assist you, could you please provide more details about your use-case? Specifically, we would appreciate a screencast showing how you set up the DocumentViewer element, the types of documents you are using, and a step-by-step demonstration of the problem you’re encountering, including what the “isLoading” state displays.

Additionally, please ensure you are using the latest version of the plugin and let us know the device and browser you are using. Is the issue occurring on other devices as well?

Your detailed feedback will help us better understand the issue and provide you with more tailored support. You can send these details via DM or email us at support@zeroqode.com.

Thank you again, and we look forward to your reply.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

@ZeroqodeSupport I put some rules around isLoading and it now seems to work as expected. I will get back in case other issues arise. Truly appreciate the super quick reply, many thanks.

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Hello @xavier1 ,

Thank you for your message and for keeping us updated.

It’s great to hear that the “isLoading” state was helpful and it is now functioning as expected.

Yes, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime you have a question, inquiry, or an idea for improving this or any other plugin. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate. :blush:

Thank you once again, and have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

Actually @ZeroqodeSupport I’m still getting some odd behavior, hopefully you can help me with it. Importantly, when I load the page and click the icon for the first time, the plugin doesn’t seem to react. Once I close the popup (which contains the viewer) and re-click the same button, this time it usually works. Any idea why the viewer would not load anything in the first attempt and then load at the second attempt?

Thanks as always!

Hello @xavier1,

Thank you for your message, and we apologize for the delayed response over the weekend.

We regret to hear that you are still encountering difficulties with the Air Document Viewer. It seems the problem might arise because the link you provide for the plugin element is not available when you first open the pop-up. To better understand the concern, could you share more details about your setup? Specifically, we would like to understand how you have configured the page and the pop-up, and how you are passing the document link to the DocumentViewer.

Additionally, could you please include a video showing the entire process from the moment you open the app, how it appears when you first open the pop-up, and what occurs if you open the pop-up again?

These details will enable us to better understand the issue you are facing and provide a more effective solution. You can send the details in DM as well or on our support email: support@zeroqode.com.

Thank you, and we look forward to your reply.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team