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Does anyone have a CAD/MDT Made for flashing lights?

Hi everyone, Im looking for a CAD/MDT For the game “Flashing Lights” Must have High customization. Please message me on discord at 210Willow#8137 or reply to this post. Id prefer a CAD Made specially for Flashing lights and not FIVEM. Thank you.

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Hi there, I know it’s a little late, but I am creating a full working CAD for Flashing Lights, I will contact you when it’s ready.

@Raza-Tauseeque can you contact me when your cad is done

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Hello? Is your CAD available yet?

I have a working CAD right now, DM on discord for it, my name and tag is Raza#0737

i need a cad for flashing lights not Fivem

Before I get any DMs, we are no longer creating a CAD since Flashing Lights doesn’t really fit well to have an MDT and almost makes it pointless.