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Does anyone have any advice when it comes to a coach in bubble?

I’ve had a question that I’ve posted a couple times on the forum and I haven’t had any luck with fixing it. I’m thinking about paying someone some money to help me with it. I’m also a little concerned as I’m creating a startup around this app and my coach would most likely see my product and be able to beat me to market. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation or payed for a coach to help them? Is there a place where I can go to find coaches and would they be willing to sign an NDA? Thanks

Hi there, @wknepp… check out Bubble’s coaching page…

I’m guessing those folks don’t sign NDAs (I don’t know for sure, though… maybe they would), but I am quite certain none of them would steal your idea and try to beat you to market.



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Hey @wknepp :wave:

I have all of my clients agree to my client agreement which is basically a NDA. In a nutshell, in plain English, it just says that I won’t steal their idea. NoCodeMinute - Client Agreement

Usually this will suffice for my clients. I have signed NDAs in the past for clients, if need be. As long as they don’t say something like, I can’t work on other clients with a similar idea. Which I wouldn’t sign. I just don’t tell other clients what they are working on. So if they are doing the same project, it’s none of my business. I haven’t seen it yet though. Most of my clients have their own ideas.

I would never steal my clients ideas, also, it would be pointless because I don’t know their speciality like they do. Imagine a real estate agent creating the next I wouldn’t touch the idea because I’m not a real estate agent.

Also, being a Coach from the Bubble coach page also means that I wouldn’t want to risk losing that good reputation.

Anyways, I hope that makes sense. Most of my clients, after meeting me, have their nervousness subside.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Yes this does! I would never expect anyone to take an idea but you can never be too safe!

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Great answer above ^^^

:raised_hand: I coach AND sign an NDA, however I don’t have the same level of reputation as others on the coaching page.

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But you re damned good @jared.gibb

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I work in the Venture Captial world and love playing with Bubble. I never sign NDAs. Building a product is the easiest part in the business. Think about how many burger joints there are. Anyone can make a burger. SO there is very little secret sauce in products.

If a coach can out-sell you, join them and start the venture together. :slight_smile: The reality is they just want to help others build their products, not go out and sell your idea. I would never worry about an NDA unless the person you are talking to can out-sell you.

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