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Does anyone have experience with

In the last few months, I have worked very intensively with bubble and built my first prototype.

What always annoyed me is the lack of options to view / adapt the existing code and to adjust the frontend with your own CSS commands. This lack of flexibility bothered me a lot, especially with third-party plugins.

I believe the best way is to build 70% of the app base quickly and efficiently with no-code tools and then implement the specific requirements (the remaining 30%) with your own code.

I stumbled across Wappler ( today and have a good first impression.

I know that both tools have different audiences, but it would be interesting to hear, if anyone of you had any experience with Wappler? After all, there are some bubble users who switched to wappler after getting annoyed about the lack of flexibility. Are there also some reverse cases? (wapplers who switched to Bubble?)

It surprises me that the platform is so unknown (at least for me).

A number of good Bubblers have made the switch to Wappler.
@StevenM @seanhoots and @mebeingken amongst them.

They didn’t reappear here and the last time I was over there they seemed active on the Wappler forum - so I guess it worked out for them.

I have spent a few days with it. It’s v powerful in the control that you get. The trade off for that is a much more involved build, plus you’ll need to do your own dev ops.

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I’m not getting into flame war here, just my opinion. I’m a programmer/coder who NEEDS no-code simply cos the applications I’m developing would just take literally years with one or two people with code. I looked at Wappler a while ago and they’re definitely going to service a need but it’s way, way behind what Bubble offers out of the box. Sure if you really need to generate code and host elsewhere and you still wanna do your own dev-ops and all that then great but I just wanna strip all of that out and focus on the unique value I can offer to customers that gives me the maximum returns and Bubble delivers that with the ability to extend with code. I don’t necessarily like the lack of control over the DB with Bubble but you can’t have everything. Maybe Wappler’s improved since I looked at it but I’ve thrown my lot in with Bubble now and am happy with that decision. However the one no-code tool that no one really talks about that comes close to Bubble’s methodology and is ideal for mobile and is completely free is Appgyyver. It was acquired by SAP last year which depending on your pov could be a good or bad thing but it does secure it’s future in the medium term at least. Developing mobile apps with Appgyver and utilising Bubble’s API and Data API is a fantastic combo. Anyway just my two cents.


@exception-rambler @gazinhio that is great insight, thank you!