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Does anyone know how a new user can view an existing user friends/connections list

I am currently building a social network, I will like a new user to be able to view an existing user friends list… I am stucked and can figure this out.

You’ll need to have a few data types, with data fields that point to each other.

Make these data types:

Friend List

Then User needs to have a field for friends that contains data type friends and it should be a list.

User also needs to have a field for Friend List, and that should be data type friend list.

Friend can be a yes/no data type.

Friend list should be a list of users, and it should have a field to assign each list to a user.

Then you just need to create an interface and a workflow so that people can modify the database to reflect their social connections by clicking buttons.

If you haven’t followed the tutorials yet go through them all at least twice, they’re super helpful.

Thank you very much Zach. I will try this out as you have explained, and will definitely go through the tutorial once more.

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