Does anyone know how agency subscription works?

@curt, no problem! @exception-rambler asked a great question which should help you narrow this down even further.

With option A - the generic URL, you can make all the pages dynamic so that they pull from data you save for each bar. For example, each bar can define their colors, so you can have a menu element have a background color of “bar’s color” as opposed to a static “green” or whatever.

You can do this all throughout the app in lots of ways. You’ll need to pay close attention to your privacy rules to keep data separate per bar, but it’s totally possible and Bubble’s features support that type of setup. The biggest benefit of this for you is you’re only building one app!

On the other hand, if the bars need to have it much more white-labeled (e.g. own domain), which Edward’s unique URL question is touching on, then the sub-app system is the route to take. You can use a similar approach to using dynamic data to “skin” each app separately. But with this method, the apps are much, much more independent. Independent databases and settings overall. No limit to number of sub-apps AFAIK. This might also be of interest: Sub apps - How much does it cost?