Does anyone know how to create this kind of list?

I’ve been thinking of adding a feature to my website where if sets something in their account and another user sets that same thing for their account, it’ll show up in a list probably called “You probably know this person:” or something like that (sorry if that sounded kind of confusing).

If a user sets their 2nd Period as John Doe and another user sets their 2nd Period as John Doe as well, it shows up in the “You probably know this user!” list.

Hopefully, you guys can answer my question! :grin:

Have some dynamic part in your text Do a search for Users with a constraint [the field for 2nd Period] = Current user's [field that would also be 2nd Period] then after the search do :each item's Name. This would show a list of people comma separated, if you wanted a random single person you could do :random item after.

Make sure Privacy rules doesn’t get in the way.