Does anyone know how to let users choose custom font?

Hi there. I thought of a way to let users choose their own font and size would be to just show a list with different styles and font sizes… though as you can imagine that would mean creating an incredible amount of options for all the combinations under a hide/show kind of thing… which, would obviously really limit things since I’d have to add for example for 12px font size, 10 hidden text elements of different font styles. For 14px, 10 hidden text elements of different font styles, and so on and so forth. That’s already 20 elements for just two font sizes! Imagine all the workflows needed to hide and show, save settings in database, and custom colors!

Anyone have a suggestion to make this as efficient as possible or to make this functionality at all please? :frowning: it may really really limit my options as to what I can create because as you can imagine, wouldn’t exactly be ideal to create over 100+ hidden elements, each with their own workflow & data field… etc etc. I may just only be able to add 2-7 fonts with 3-7 font sizes as a result. But of course, ideally user can choose whatever font size and style. It may be fairly very important to my project… I’d really like to allow this. Thank you!!

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