Does anyone know how to track api signups?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know how you can save in your database when people signup for your product through an api? Whether it’s a running tab (i.e. 7 signed up using Facebook) or noting next to each user how they signed up. I’d love to be able to tell how many users signed up with an email address vs. a social media api.



Authentication use workflow, so once the sign up have been completed successfully, Update user thing (maybe a text field like signupusing…)

Sure. So, you have to have a workflow action for sign the user up, and presumably they click a different button, so you can just add that as a Boolean flag (yes/no field) on the user in the signup workflow.

If you don’t/haven’t had that, then there’s a field called “uses password” you can ping on the User object. Do a search for Users (constraint “uses password” is yes — I likely don’t have this exactly correct, but it’s something like that). This will resolve to all users who signed up via email. Compare the :count of that to the :count of all Users to know email vs social signups of any type.