Does anyone know if we are able to build a queue system that would match two users within the web app?


I was just wondering if anyone knows if I’m able to implement a queue/matchmaking system on the web app.

I would like the queue to match at most two users depending on variables they have selected before entering the queue.

Any info would help a lot!


Yes for sure works great for it. You just need come up with the logic how matches are selected

What I don’t understand is how can I make the system look for the user in real time and match both users…

It entirely depends on what you are looking to do and how your logic is designed. That is something you have to figure out. The forum can certainly give you tips on how to do certain specific things, but you need to come up with the questions to ask. Your question is too broad right now.

But yes, you can do things in real time, it simply depends what things you want to do.

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You need to save interests etc. into the user profile and use that data to match users.

It can be done using API calls or when user is active and using the app.