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Does anyone know why Bubble won't allow Sponsoring of features anymore?

Yes. Thanks for sharing. It doesn’t work on mobile, unfortunately.

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While I think it sucks that you’re in the position you seem to now be in, as a long time software product leader I think it’s kinda insane for them to have ever offered sponsored features / specials in the first place. Early on it may seem like a good way to make a quick buck while starving for income, but inevitably those random old bits of code get in the way and then when you’re making money at scale across many customers the idea of adding new random bits of code for a few customers starts to seem a lot less attractive. And with VC backing, you hope that your return on every engineer’s time is at least 10x, so even if you didn’t mind the random code its irresponsible (to the business) to tie up $20k in resources for a month even if you have a customer willing to pay you that $20k to offset. They’d need to pay $200k to justify the engineering time spent.


Very thorough explanation, and I quickly ate my words after realising this a few days ago.

Just a heads up (I’m not getting involved in the overall debate) but the CNAME setup works perfect on mobile. I’ve had a couple people ask this, not sure who/where its been said otherwise :slight_smile:


Does the cname allow us to open a whitelabel portal for our customers?

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Yes, I believe it will

Yes it does! You can also detect what URL is in the browser bar and then hide/show different data based on it (such as logo/color scheme etc).

That’s awesome. Can you give me an idea of the cost per CNAME record?

You can use which is roughly $30/mo for 20 CNAMES, so $1.50/mo each

@sridharan.s - this should solve what you want to do, correct?

Thank you very much Mr. Reece :slight_smile:

@help, it seems to me that this solution won’t work with Safari on mobile because of scenario 2 below. Additionally, this solution isn’t very future proof because other browsers may move this same way.

Is this mistaken?

I wonder how did you get it to work on mobile with no login issues??
I have seen your iFrame setup through your webinar. It is the same setup we tried before and we still faced the login issues.

If you don’t mind sharing here to benefit the community.



Yes, same questions as @vascolucci, how did you get this iFrame setup to work on safari/mobile?

@sridharan.s @zelus_pudding I guess we are not going to get an answer from Reece @help :man_facepalming:

Hi there,

I’m not familiar with these issues and haven’t experienced them myself using the iframe system.

I"m going to look into it when I get a chance and get back to you - I’m very busy with client projects at the moment but will look into it soon.


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As Vasco and Scott know, I have developed the TheirLabel plugin to solve this white labeling issue in Bubble. Because it relies on iFrames, it does suffer from the same Safari problem reported in using Reece’s solution.

That said, there appears to be a solution to this in Webkit’s Storage Acces API. I haven’t gotten it to work just yet but I am looking for developers to help overcome this. If you’ve solved Safari’s “Oops, Your browser seems to have cookie disabled” send me a message and let’s fix this!


@vascolucci @help @sridharan.s It appears that has a solution for the iframe/Safari issue. I tried to implement with my app but I’m sure I’m not doing it correctly. If someone wants to play around and see if they can get it to work and share the method, it would be greatly appreciated.



Thats super interesting - I’ll take a look at somepoint and evaluate. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi there, I just released a new plugin that allows for true whitelabeling with multiple domains of bubble apps without using iframes. It works in all browser including safari.