Does anyone knows how to register the exact date and time using buttons?

Hi everybody.

I’m trying to model a process with the exact date and hour (HH:mm:ss) of every activity starts and ends.

I’m trying to do it using buttons, so when I push a button the exact date and hour of an activity must be picked and recorded in a database.

Does anyone has an example or recommendation about how to proceed with this issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi there, @lramirezm… I might not have understood your post correctly, but you can literally save the current date/time to a date field in the database when a button is clicked. Is that what you are trying to do?


Hi mikeloc… you’re right.
Thats the issue.

I’m not sure if you still need help here, but it really is that simple. When a button is clicked, save the current date/time (which is a Bubble operator) to a date field in the database as part of a workflow that creates a new thing or makes changes to an existing thing… that’s all you have to do.


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