Does Anything to Image plugin not work with HTML?

Trying to get Anything to Image plugin to create an image from a group. However, the HTML element does not show in the pictures?

What options do I have if I want the HTML element to be included in the picture?

Thanks @ZeroqodeSupport

Hello @tristan.adlington,

The plugin should show the HTML elements as well. Could you please check if you completed these fields? This may cause the issue.

If the issue will continue to appear please provide the screenshots of your workflow for converting to image, and plugins’ element settings.

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Zeroqode Team

My settings match those of your demo and I am able to capture an image of the target group (which contains the HTML element). However, the image does not capture the data in the html element, only everything else in the group.

The HTML code is a Tweet embed:

It’s 2020 and the economists are running epidemic models while the epidemiologists run the economy.

— Naval (@naval) April 22, 2020

Hello @tristan.adlington,

Unfortunately, when embed tweet is used, twitter creates a new document on the page and the plugin cannot print that document as we don’t have the right to access the doc. I am afraid that we can’t do anything to fix that issue because twitter doesn’t provide access to that type of data.

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Zeroqode Team

How does “Attach To Type” and “Attach To” works?
Does user has to have a file field to receive the image?
How to point the image to that field?

Hello, @apicedigital .
Thanks for reaching out. Apologies for the late reply.

The “Attach To Type” field works like an anchor for the image you are going to have after conversion. Choosing the value for this field - you are identifying to which data type to attach the resulting image.

The “Attach To” works like an identifier for the “Attach To Type” field. Here you are clarifying which exact data element to attach the converted image.

These two fields are necessary if you want to make the converted image - private. If it is not necessary, you can leave those fields empty.

More information on the exemplary plugin setup you can find on the demo page:

I hope it helps.

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Zeroqode Support Team