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Does API Connector expose request method using the Node req.method property?

Hello everyone! This is my first post on here since discovering Bubble some months ago.

I have been following this tutorial to create an HTTP Trigger function with Azure Functions and Azure SQL as the Bubble database was not sufficient for my use case. Within the request object made with the tedious package, there is a parameter for a sql statement or a stored procedure name function. To streamline the use of one API for several methods, the parameter (which is a string) is saved as ‘dbo.${variable storing request method called by the trigger (GET, POST)}_${variable with specified entity for called method}’.

When my API is paired with the POST method in the API Connector, the parameter should become ‘dbo.post_user’. However, when checking my logs after receiving errors about the stored procedure not being able to execute, I found that the parameter came out as ‘dbo.undefined_’. This makes me believe that I cannot access the method chosen in the API Connector via the Node req.method property. Is this true? If so, are there any suggestions of how to modify my code? Right now, I am considering making a function/API URL for each call I want to make.

Really appreciate any insight!