Does Bubble allow for the creation of multiple instances?

Does Bubble allow for the creation of multiple instances? I want to create separate client instances where I will have multiple customers, each with their own set of users, on my Bubble application.

Thanks for your help answering my question in advance.

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You have 2 options there:

  • have one app, and make sure with your workflows, data structure and security rules (though i’d wait a bit for that one) that makes sure people can’t see each other out of set of users
  • have more than one app. You can have one app and then clone it more than once, so that each app has an independent database.

Both approaches are relevant and possible, I’d say it depends on the number of sets you have. if it’s little, more than one app is more flexible, while if you have many (and if the apps are exactly the same), 1) is the way to go.


Hi there,

I’ve found this old subject and thought I’d reply here than create a new one.

I’m in the same situation: I want to answer different client needs with one application. It’s not possible to have just one application for security reasons, so I wonder if they is a way to have one “master” application that is replicated somehow on others.

The reason is that if I have 10 clients and I want to correct a bug or add a feature, I would then have to do it 10 times… This leads to a non maintenable situation.

Are there other ways?