Does bubble always make the same call to the api?

I’m using a plugin that returns fictitious data about a person, but I created a button to generate a new person, but every time I click on it and inspect it, it’s the same seed, is this a problem with the plugin or the bubble?

Plugin: Random User Generator Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode
My app: Bubble | No-code apps (


I need bubble to make a new API call when the button is clicked so that new data is generated.

If the API Call is exactly the same, Bubble will not do a new all and use cache instead. You can find some topics about how to solve that. In your case, you could just add a header to the API call with a randomstring or datecalc that will change each time you click on the button.

Ref: Finally, my API data refreshes without page reload- How I got it to work

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