Does Bubble conditionals support short circuit evaluation?

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I couldn’t find any information online or in the forums about this question so I figured I’d make a post.

The closest post I could find is this one but it was from 2016 and there was no answer to the question

My question is the same as the title, does bubble conditionals support shirt-circuit evaluation?

e.g. When (CONDITION 1) and (CONDITION 2) are true DO X

If CONDITION 1 is evaluated to false, then the second condition is not checked.

We have several conditions that are calculated from semi-expensive operations e.g. API calls, so if short-circuiting is supported, we can reorganize some of our conditionals to optimize our performance.

Hi there, @pallygg… the short answer to your question is yes, and you should definitely check out this thread.



Thank you mike!

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