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Does Bubble delete linked objects for temp Current user?

Hi everyone! Does anyone know if Bubble deletes objects associated with the Current user for a non-logged in user?
So let’s say I have a data type “Settings”. And User data type has a field of Settings type. I know that Current user for non-logged-in ones uses it like cookies and that gets deletes that after some time. But I am wondering if the associated Settings object will be deleted as well. I want to allow non-logged in users to set the settings and save at least for their session, but don’t want to end up with lots of redundant Settings objects in db from deleted users.

Thanks in advance!


What is known is that the current user contents are deleted after 3 days if this user does not have an account in the application

Hi! Yeah, I know that, but are the linked objects get deleted as well?


Consider testing :grinning:

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I don’t think so…test it out and you will probably see the object with either an empty ‘created by’ field or the ‘created by’ field would read “deleted thing” or something like that.

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thank you, everyone!