Does Bubble do everything you need without code?

Hi everyone!

I have been building an application recently where I've been using the HTML element to do a lot with HTML & CSS. I was wondering how many people are building fully Bubble developed websites and how many are utilising code. So I've created this poll in hopes of learning more. The poll is multiple choice so select any answers currently applicable to your development.
  • I only use Bubble
  • I use CSS
  • I use HTML
  • I use Javascript

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i’m not sure that the poll you have created answer the question you ask. Can we create app only with Bubble features? Sure…
Now if I use CSS, HTML, JS… this can happen.
On all the app I have built, I will say that 70% will use only Bubble. (But in some case, I may have created some plugins ;p).
So actually, I have selected all 4 options…