Does Bubble host email?

Seems like a simple question, but I’m not clear the answer after searching to find it.

How does one move from GoDaddy hosting your website to Bubble and then what do you do to keep your email working? I’m just not clear on what happens when I go through the steps with the DNS stuff between Bubble and GoDaddy. What do I do about email?

Currently I have MS Outlook and GoDaddy is where I have my Office 365 membership, domain hosting, WordPress. I’m unclear on what I unplug from with GoDaddy? I get that Bubble will be hosting the website. What about email? Is there an option where Bubble “host” that?

Any help with links to support material/videos for the steps I need to take are appreciated.

You still need someone to host your email. Bubble doesn’t offer email as a service for creators. I use Google Workspaces for business email and then integrate with third parties like SendGrid / Mailerlite (as examples) for email automation.

Thanks. This fact is stunningly absent within Bubble support materials.

GoDaddy just owns your domain, Office 365 runs your email using your domain, and Bubble runs your web app while using your domain. Similar to how people use Squarespace to host their website but Squarespace doesn’t host a Gmail alternative.

Yes like @K.T said, I use Google Workspace for business email, Bubble for web app, then Postmark as my email service for the app to send emails.

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Techinically you could re-create Gmail in Bubble using Postmark or another service. But that’s way too much work if you have Office 365 already :laughing:

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So if I go through the steps to set up my custom domain as describe here, that’s all I need to do and my email with GoDaddy hosting and GoDaddy MS 365 account would not be impacted?

Yes of course screenshot everything before you change anything just in case, but if you have a Squarespace website using already then you wouldn’t want to overwrite those settings. Most people use a subdomain like

And it takes a few minutes for GoDaddy to propagate settings so Bubble might not show it’s working right away.

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