Does Bubble test plugins

To be clear, there IS an approval process. I have no idea what that actually entails, but it can take a week or more before a plugin is approved for the marketplace. The plugin developer must at least provide a support URL, a description, and some [bare bones] instructions on how to use it. Those are all fields that must be completed before submitting it for approval. As @chad indicated, though, some are better documented and/or better maintained than others.

That would be clearly no! This is probably one of the reasons I will eventually transition to I have been with Bubble almost 4 years and even though there are more Plugins, it seems anyone can get a plugin approved and very few are supported on an ongoing basis unless they are built by Bubble themselves.

I am waiting for at least three plugins to have fixes implemented and I doubt I will ever see them improved before I move on. I am very disappointed with this plugin support and though I am willing to pay for the use of Good plugins I am certainly not going to pay for stuff that is poorly documented and works some of the time!

I think we have to remember that Bubble and its plugin universe is an MVP testing product and plugins are rarely reliable enough to us past Beta.


I think that if there were indeed some sort of approval process that would have been listed within this thread. Unless others chime in with factual evidence there appears to be no standard upon which plugins are approved and continuously validated over the long term. Yet, integrity is important!

Certainly plugins that aren’t maintained should not charge a fee as they no longer are in sync with other technologies upon which they were built and users rely.

I purchased today a plugin believing it would be a good quality one. What I found was that the author of the documentation assumed everyone had telepathy as he moved from step to step without ever telling how he got to where we should be going. A horrendous experience to say the least. Awful!

I really have to question Bubbles value system. On the one hand, I get scolded by a moderator for using the term ‘Wuhan virus" and not "Corvid-19’ while on the other hand plugins are being sold as if we were in a Russian Bazaar. This is really so strange to me but apparently normal for them? Who knows?

Seriously? you got scolded for naming the source of the Virus, that’s a fact not a slur… realy bubble should be focusing on system performance and user support not virtue signalling. Very disappointing and a complete waste of energy!

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My post got blocked and I inquired as to why and received this message:

“Thanks for checking in regarding this post. We have gotten several flags regarding your post from our community about this. In order to have your post restored, please change the title from “Wuhan Virus” to the more-appropriate COVID-19 name for the epidemic, as the former name has loaded connotations and does not follow our community guidelines. Once the name is changed, we will be happy to restore the post and showcase the applications our users have built to cope with the ongoing crisis.”

We review all paid plugins and recently made a change to our internal process, so you should expect faster reviews. We don’t review free plugins and rely on the community for support. Please flag problematic ones to our support team.


Is this a documented policy or just someone saying so? Trust factor is a big deal. Got to keep your guard up nowadays :slight_smile:

I am not sure @DavidS is a Bubble employee if he is it is not clear in his profile so yes transparency is not apparent here!

@StevenM Good catch! Really got to be playing your ‘A’ game these days!

The Bubble employees are in fact listed here. Anyone can check it out to be sure.

Bubble Employee List:

You were hardly “scolded” - just politely asked to change the name. Which you did. Bubble forum users are from all over the world, so what is appropriate in one country may not be considered so in another and English is not everyone’s first language. Changing the name did not change the intent of the post in any way. We try to take a balanced view, or at least as balanced as we can be.

Most forum moderation is done by non-Bubble staff. It just depends who is up :slight_smile: Nobody said it was a slur. And I can assure you that I don’t need to signal my virtue on this forum.

These are very difficult times, and I do understand the frustrations with the Bubble plugin eco-system. But linking that to a piece of moderation is way off base.

Stay safe and happy Bubbling :slight_smile: :smiley:

NigelG (not employed by Bubble).


@Nigel this is certainly not the place to start determining what language is appropriate, based on ones own viewpoint, and by asking someone to change their language because you feel it does not match your own view of the world is when moderation becomes far from being balanced! It certainly wouldn’t have gotten the attention it has now and we certainly would have not known who was vetting the language of Bubblers, and because you have to singled me out in your comment is why I have responded. I hope I didn’t use any inappropriate words in my response. Please, keep me out of it thanks!

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We don’t vet anything, we respond to flags. There were multiple flags in this case.

But I would ask you both, publicly, why you think starting a political fight on a Bubble thread is in any way appropriate. There are plenty of places you can go to have that discussion. Just not here please.


@nigel are you serious? Political? I never even mentioned any kind political position at all. Clearly it’s you who are being politically motivated! As I was perfectly clear: keep me out of it! Perhaps your Moderator rights should be reviewed Bubble will certainly be getting an email from me. Think before you respond!


You were then one who mentioned virtue-signalling and you know very well that the term is being used by some in the US government for political ends.

I don’t particularly care what you do.

And anyway, I did think. And then decided to go public anyway. This is the sort of nonsense we have to put up with.

Happy to delete back to the original point … Without all the Covid stuff. It is entirely irrelevant to plugins.

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@NigelG if you bothered to take the time and took an interest beyond what is coming across as short sightedness, I am not US or UK I am Australian and couldn’t care less what is happening in the US, never mind knowing what goes on over there. Seriously, know when to just stop! Don’t you dare delete this record of discourse it’s certainly going to be referenced in my letter to Bubble management.

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Cool. Make sure you include the bit about accusing them of virtue signalling over anything else.


@nigel the comment was in reference to a comment made by another bubble user and disappointment in focusing on what can clearly be seen as virtue signaling than focusing on better plugin approval processes and revue or performance support. Then you came along and blew it into something completely out if this world with some kind of bizarre US referencing which has absolutely nothing to do with my part of the world. Then you decided to make it personal so yes I will mention that.

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@Dog-Tag @DavidS has now updated his profile so he is an employee of Bubble so hopefully they are on to it. I might start a new thread to report issues with plugins with some instructions on how to properly document the issues. Clearly this is a growing issue and needs to be addressed.