Does Bubble Work for creating a HotSpot page restaurant with total admin Manage from Super Admin app interface?


I would like to put on my project App a interaction with HotSpots.
For example :
1-somebody get a HotSpot page, he’s try to connect with his name and email.
2-A bot automatiquely answer with a special limit time access
3-This connection Must be secure and limit access time with renew possibilities by Super administrator from his Admin interface giving way or not

4-this access is teporarely limit time access
5-This access NEVER show the real Key access
6- This must be Secure for the owner and user

Thanks to tell me if it’s possible to make with
Thanks very much for your answers

Hi @avala

If you can access your Hot Spot router via API or protocol type, then yes. You must be able to handle a short period, validate their email and react on it. “You have a minute to read your email and confirmed it”. Let them start over (in the case of) 3 times. Blocked their MAC address as needed. Do you have a router suggestion?

Welcome to Bubble! :slight_smile:

Hey, Thank you JohnMark !

No I have not already Router suggestion and absolutely NO idea about wish HotSpot company is better with I am looking for
But, if you can advice me about it, it will be very nice :))

I want make a APP in tourism, And My Plan is cover all my customers (hotel, bars, restaurants…) with a very light, powerfull solution I can manage from the APP, with admin and super admin access. and with the most possibilities to install from my office, without going on place (Most of case, of sure…)

Thanks very much for your answers

Hi @avala

The easiest way to do this is to access any PC machine at the client’s location, install an automated interface that communicates directly to the router via remote commands sent by you from your Bubble application.

With this idea, the minimum requirement for your customers will be to install a lightweight executable on their machine that will detect the address of the router, communicate with it, and then communicate with your Bubble app via Endpoint API.

Its a 10 days operation! :slight_smile:


I understand,
Mean downloading from far with “TeamViewer” for example
and then
I can solutionate the case, only the problem is sometimes need install another compatible rooter .
And after, controling the system by the executable for my API,
I understand all,


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I use WinAutomation (no coding) to do that kind of stuff, and compile to create an executable. You can adjust to any router configuration inside your WinAutomation process. Technically, you don’t need to change their router. :wink:

Good luck with your project, great one.

Oh, FINE for the Tip,
Yes, I will try to make it real with My low know,
But thanks to you, because I know it’s possible to do !!
it’s very big pleasure to meet you and very big thnks for answering to me !!!

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You’re welcome @avala.

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Last think JohnMark,

WinAutomation do not provide any HotSpot services, I need look for one isn’t it?

OOoh, you mean I can do the HotSpot from it directly ? that’s it

WinAutomation can be the tool to create your internal software installed on the client machine without coding. Your project needs custom tools. Winautomation provides what you need to create communication between parties. :wink:

Oh, I understand,
Unfortunately I am just starting and I have No fund for investing on it, I need to “DIY” by my modests knowledges… I am sorry to tell this but it’s little bit hard actually, maybe soon when it will be working, sure!!

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Just fulfilled your dreams, I really understand too. And have fun, because Bubble is really cool.

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