Does bubble work right in Poland?

For the life of me I can’t understand this.

Here is what my app is supposed to look like.

Here is what it looks like in Poland apparently.

(its a partial screen grab obviously, its the values that I am looking at)

I have no problem with this app for anyone all over the world. But a polish person who wants to view it says not only does it not work properly for him, it doesnt work for anyone he knows.

He has tried with opera, tor, chrome,IE, Firefox. he has tried chrome and Orfox on mobile. It never works.

I have tried VPN through Poland with safari and chrome, and it always looks correct.

Does anyone have any idea why values and formats would change in Poland?

UPDATE: Someone in the Netherlands is having the same problem with my site.

NOTE: This site is fixed width. The responsiveness thingy doesnt do anything.

@hirscr Are both mobile views on same device? If yes, is there localized currency/input logic? For the first issue, check responsive settings and for the second test with different currency formatting.

top view is from my computer. Second smaller view is from polish guys phone.

Is there a setting somewhere where O can force USD where its used no matter the locality?

also, only the right column has $. The other two borked columns are just numbers

No. Only on the left.


If you REALLY want to do this (and you don’t), just set all elements on the page to be fixed width. Scrolling ensues. Just because the page element isn’t responsive does not mean that elements on the page are not responsive. Welcome to web design, new web designer!

I just want to be a tool designer. Not a web designer. :(. I think I started out with everything fixed width and I had different issues. but thanks. I still have not figured out the issue, but its not a big enough issue for something I make no money with