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Does Bubble work with decision tree-based apps?

I am trying to decide whether to rebuild my web app in Bubble but I have a concern…

My app is a guide called IDEA ESSENTIALS ( that takes users step by step through the idea development process from concept to market. It is a decision tree, so for example, some users may have a product that needs manufacturing while others may not. As they interact with the system, their path through the decision tree changes. There are almost 800 steps and each step use one of 33 different templates for their interactions (when the user provides inputs).

Using Bubble, would I have to create all 800 steps as separate pages or could I create the 33 templates and associate them with specific steps? Aside from the incredible time required to build all those pages, my concern is that if I want to make a design change down the road and have to apply the change across all 800 steps. That would take forever. If its possible to create the 33 templates, how would you recommend doing it?

Any thoughts or insight into this issue and how Bubble might accomplish it would be much appreciated.

Thanks and be well.

Some users have built such trees in the past. Sending data to pages you should be able to have a lot of the steps at the thing level, in the DB. And that way you have less pages. But at the end of the day, if you have many steps, you have many steps.

How do you do it right now?

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Currently, we have fixed sections on the page where fields are dynamically populated. Each step is also assigned a template # which tells the system which background to use.

Is this approach transferrable to Bubble?

Also, what is the impact if a design change is needed?

That’s what I meant in my previous answer. Have all the data as things, and then you have only one page that shows dynamic entries from the things.

That way, that also makes design changes simple, as they’re on one page only.