Does :count reveal elements being counted in dev tools?

Hey fellow bubblers

Im new to dev tools so this might be fairly simple…

Does :count action reveal any data about the elements that are being counted in the dev tools?

Simple :count operator usage on Do a search should be an aggregation operation, so it should return only the number.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

And a quick follow up - when a user can do a count for something on the client side, does it mean he/she has some option to retrieve actual data from those items?

Im trying to make sure I have no data leaks

The items that are being counted are private and should not be exposed beside their count number

A count is just a count: it returns just a number.

If its counting data in the database (that’s not already on the page), then that data itself won’t be accessible on the page.

If it’s counting data already on the page, then obviously the data is already accessible on the page.

Note: count will only count the data that is accessible to the User…

So if you have privacy rules blocking that thing from the User, then the count will be 0

If you have privacy rules blocking certain items from the user then the count will be the count of items that the User has access to.


Great answer - Thanks!