Does creating a lot of pages slow down my app?

Hi everyone,

I’d like to create specific pages for my app. But I would have to slow down its loading speed.
My question is: does creating a lot of pages slow down my app ?

Let’s say lots of pages with one or 2 repeating groups per page.

Thanks for your help.

Bubble only loads content when you navigate to a page, so having many pages will not affect the performance of the app. But it will increase the load time between pages. Instead, many Bubblers make a single page app, with multiple groups acting as pages. Stack the groups one below another. Hide all the groups, and conditionally show only the group you need. That will make page changes (actually group changes) look very fast to the user. So you can have one group that acts like a landing page, another that acts as a log in page, another page to show user profile, and the like

@deadpoetnsp: Thank you very much. That’s what I did. I created my groups on the same page. But I’m hinking about the impact it will have on the SEO. The fewer page I have, the less effetive my SEO will be. Does it make sense ?

You are correct. SEO is a little tricky for script-based sites made with Bubble. Some users have reported success with Bubble and SEO: Any example of SEO success built on Bubble?

Thank you very much. It looks challenging by the way.

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