Does Data That Isnt 'User' Data apply to everyone?

I’m confused. I have a data type other than the ‘user’ data type and i want it to only show the data created by that person. Am I just getting this wrong or is it not possible to do this unless I use the user data?

If I understand correctly, you want to show a subset of a data type - Only those that have been created by “current user”.

You can do this by doing search for the data type, then putting a “created by current user” constraint on it:

Do a search for (data type) -> Constraint: Created by = Current user

Hope that helps

Thank you so much! Absolute life saver.


Btw, that tip is CENTRAL to how the data model works in Bubble. You can kind of think of that as “these are the things that belong to that user” (are “bound to” that user). This saves a huge amount of thinking/labor in terms of doing stuff like “oh, I need a list item if things the user has created”… no, you don’t. Search around about auto-binding and related topics. It’s easy to overthink stuff in Bubble… the tutorials are key. Do them twice (or thrice).


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