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Does Deleting a DB Type delete records too?

Hi All,

Ok so the frustration is killing me with this issue. I have over 200k records in a database type and its basically brought our app to a halt as we cant clear them. We have tried everything to delete these records in bulk (backend workflow, scheduled API workflow, workflow on button click, deleting in batches, etc.) nothing has helped and as soon as we try delete anything over 500 at a time, it times out.

I’ve seen this issue all over the forums with no definitive solution. Is there really no solution to such a common problem? There are only 4 text fields in my case so no large media files or anything. I took out the paid plan specifically to run bulk operations. It seems the only way here is to delete manually ? If I just delete the entire database type will all the entries be deleted along with it? If so then I suppose this is what I will do for now and then use 3rd party DB going forward.

I get the below error when running the bulk operation (have tried for 2 days now - It retrieved the list once and ran the workflow (deleted a few entries and then stopped) The workflow I have setup is to delete one record at a time and repeat so its not as though I’m trying to delete all 250k in one go.

Assitance much appreciated!

Hi @rosewaterbrands

Honestly I haven’t tested it but this idea looks like it might work. It would be great for the community if you could test it and share the result.

First delete the fields or types, then optimize your application, and finally use the “wipe database change history” feature.

Then you can deploy it live. Maybe you need to run the “wipe database change history” feature in live as well.


I eventually got this to work. Not by changing anything but by simply repetitively running the bulk operation until it didn’t fail, it is now deleting approx 10k records every hour. This for me is major flaw in Bubble and unfortunately have been instructed by our CTO to switch platforms. Bummer considering I’ve been using bubble for years. Will still use it for personal projects but too risky to put this in front of clients.