Does every Group require a data type?

Does every group require a data type? I have a page that has two data types being collected on it = merchant and user. The groups for the merchant data have a type of merchant and the group for the user data has a type of user - does the page data source really need to exist?

Hi there, @chris.e.daly… the short answer to your question is no, you do not have to specify a type of content for a page. Are you experiencing issues that you think are related to your page not having the type of content specified?


No - just trying to figure out how deep in the nested elements you have to go with the data. Also, after a sign up page, you can set navigation to go to a page and Bubble throws an error if you do not set a data type which I thought was odd.

FYI… Bubble will only specify an error if you have a type of content set for the page to which you are navigating.

Got it - so by removing that data type (I have a configuration page collection two types of data - merchant and user) so removing the page type should resolve that. Good to know. Thanks @mikeloc

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