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Does having 80 pages increase website lag?

I want to create a workout builder where every time someone clicks on the image of an exercise, they’re taken to a different page where a video of the exercise is displayed. There are over 80 different exercises so I’m gonna have to add 80 different pages to my website. Is this is going to harm my users experience in someway? (maybe lag, I don’t know)

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You can have one page whose “content type” is “exercise” and the page will load the proper information depending on the data sent to it.

Or I can also make the videos popups, right?

You could have one page with a repeating group and clicking on an exercise displays the correct video in a pop up. There are a number of ways to do this. All depends on your desired UI/UX

thank you!

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You’re very welcome :raised_hands:t2: