Does "Is the location within X km of another location?" have a cost per call outside of Bubble?

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if this function has any Google cost outside of Bubble.

Thank you!

The minute you add any location processing in your system, Bubble gives this issue:

So, that means you have to add your API key for this to work in a scalable way. That means you are using your own google maps limits technically, whatever they are.

That would effect maps elements, or any kind of location comparison.

Thank you.
Is there any way to know the exact cost for every call for this function?

This page (Working with location data - Bubble Docs) gives more detailed information, at least which APIs need to be enabled and such. I didn’t see any hard numbers how many calls Bubble make to google apis.

Thank you again! I still cant manage to find out which exact API it is using, thought it could be the matrix distance API, but this call doesnt calculate a from a radius, but calculates a path to get to that location (by car, walking or others) and then gets the total distance of that path.

I think this is what you might be looking for then, which is using the Places API:


Thank you, I also believe this is it!

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