Does merge branch and Deploy to Live treat database contents differently?

I just merged branches and was surprised to see what appears to be the user system data go over into the new branch.

In the past when I have deployed the main branch to live, the data schema would move but the data wouldn’t if data is already there. However if no data was in the table, I think it would populate it.

How Bubble handles the contents of the database on deployment and merges is rather vague. Given the important nature of this, I would just like to get a better understanding of this process.

When I deploy a major structural change to live coming up in a few days. How do I ensure that I don’t deploy the main branch data to live branch?

We have live customer accounts in there and in some cases with stripe integration, there are different customer_id’s and subscription_id’s for accounts based on test/live … and that can’t shift over.

All test branches share the same database - the dev database. The data didn’t move from one branch to the other, it was always in both branches.

You can rest assured that when you deploy to live, the dev database doesn’t shift over to the live database. The only way this can happen is if you use the ‘Copy & restore database’ functionality.

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