Does my app work?


I’m a pharmacist by trade and so don’t have any real programming experience, so I’ve found bubble to be a perfect base for my idea.

I took a tutorial on go.codefree and used this as a base for my marketplace app. (Incredible website for beginners)

Basically, it’s a marketplace where pharmacies can post drugs that they won’t be able to use before they expire. Other pharmacies can then purchase them.

However, due to my inexperience in programming, I am unsure if the website flows well and is easy to use, especially as pharmacists aren’t always the greatest at using computers…

I am wondering if any of you out there are willing to take a quick look at my effort and let me know your thoughts. (I am aware the responsiveness of certain pages may not be great)

The website is:

Thank you in advance for any help!

Just an opinion: Looks pretty good. Some responsiveness issues here and there. For any project, go to the responsive tab and try different sizes.

Make sure to try wider sizes than shown by moving the top indicator of the page and sliding it to the right. Click on the items that are misaligned and apply correction action.

Don’t know anything about your target market or area so no thoughts on that.



I think its a good attempt given your lack of prior experience in product development. The idea should always be to create functionality first and then improve the design as the product matures.

Try and space out the elements a bit more. Alignment is also important, most of which you can find in the responsive settings.

All the best for your marketplace. Happy to help you build this in any way.



Thank you both! I have decided to overhaul a section of the header to ensure better responsiveness throughout and improve usage over both desktop and phone view. I knew responsiveness is the main issue so I’m going to go into great detail to sort it over the next few weeks!

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Wish you good luck @eddieroofe I am sure it’ll come out well.