Does Strip.js 2 full supports SCA(Strong customer authentication)

Hi @markus1,

I managed to do it. Strong customer authentication - SCA - 3d secure card payment is now available in The Ultimate SAAS template. I can tell you in short how to do it. However, I did not use the Stripe.js plugin. I work with the API direct. The flow can be:

  1. API - Create subscription
  2. Stripe will create a payment intent id (PI id)
  3. Webhook - receive PI webhook
  4. Save PI id, status and next action redirect url in database for customer
  5. If status is authentication-required
  6. API - edit PI --> add return url app
  7. Navigate customer to next action -> redirect url

Important to know is that this workflow works for customers who pay direct during checkout. If not, you need to use a setup intent as well.

Believe me, this info alone reduces your time with about 7 days of communication with Stripe!