Does the app recognize the user when logged out?

Ok, this is a pretty simple (newbie) question but I haven’t been able to find the answer:

When a user logs out, be it automatically or because they log themselves out, is this user recognized when he/she reopens the app?

If so, what is common practice to have this user log in again? Present them with a login screen which shows ALL of the social logins (Apple and Facebook and Google) and login by email, OR show them only the login option through which the originally signed up (Apple or Facebook or Google or Email)?

  1. App can recognize users using their login credentials when they are logged out and trying to login.
  2. Usually in many apps (not Bubble app) I can see several login options like traditional form and others like Google, Facebook etc. stays together. Purpose is to make the process as smooth as possible for the user.

Hi @kazimdgoni, thanks taking the time to reply!

So what approach you are going to follow? Let us know.

I’m doing what you suggested, presenting them a login screen with all of the social logins + email login. What I was thinking is perhaps adding a step to the workflow showing a alert in the case the user selects a different login option than what they have originally signed up with.

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