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Does the footer element move down automatically when content is added to the page?

Hey guys! Thanks again!

I’m having some trouble getting the footer element to work. My text is “running into” the shape I created for the footer and the footer itself. How do I get the footer element to “be” at the bottom of the page?


Yes, if some content is being larger than the container, it pushes elements below. You just need to check that the footer is really “below”. Can you post a link?

Thanks! I see that the problem was that the bottom element wasn’t set to “Float.”

Now what’s happening is that the footer elmement won’t attach to the bottom stripe, so it’s invisible. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Edit: To be more specific, when I move the footer element down to the bottom stripe, the bottom stripe just moves down further. So I need a way to “marry” the two elements. I’m probably just doing something wrong.