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Does the "mobile version" of a page share its workflows?

I am starting to look at building a native app. If I clone my existing page to use as a “mobile version” it will clone all the workflows as well, but I don’t want to have to maintain a duplicate set of workflows. So the question is can I delete the workflows from my new page, set it as the mobile version for my first page and have the two pages share the same workflows? I have tried this in a browser and the answer appears to be no, which is disappointing, but I’m wondering (wishful thinking I’m sure), if as an actual native app the workflows would work?

I’m almost certain the answer is no here, but I’m just being hopeful. It seems a shame to have two versions of the same page and not have the option for them to share workflows. Maintaining two sets of workflows isn’t going to be very efficient.

Note: I can see how one might want things to behave slightly differently on mobile, but with conditions on actions, it would be good to say “Only when … on mobile”

I was just thinking the same thing today. I plan to clone a mobile website page into a desktop app; and really, the workflows will be 100% the same (only the front end will be different), until further notice.

Perhaps an option that says reference workflows from page ‘x’ ?

which could then - represent the workflow blocks transparently on the new page - and have them only be edited from 1 page; rather than both.
Then also allowing the option to add additional workflows (unique to the page that is using the reference workflows). And also remove referenced workflows - in the event that is required…

Because really - why have 160 workflows - when you can have 80? Particularly since when cloning a page - the element IDs remain the same as well…

This all depends on how bubble is actually built though. If we clone a page (including the workflows). Does that mean that we are duplicating quantity of code(workflows)? Or is there still just one workflow - but represented on two pages?

any thoughts @emmanuel ?

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A feature like that would also allow changes made on a mobile site - to propagate to the native app immediately. Without having to edit two separate pages.

That depends on the situation though. But for me personally - the native app will be like 75% the same (workflows etc) as the mobile site.

And having to make the same changes on two or possibly more app representations (desktop/native/mobile) rather than one “master” workflow page - increases the likelihood of bugs + the likelihood of tedious work :yum:

Why not making the page responsive then?

Oh ya - true.

I have not played around with responsiveness yet. I’d like the design to be a bit different too though so I’ll see what I can do with it. Your right.

For mobile + native though - I would have to have 2 separate pages. One that uses ext. vertical scroll for mobile web - then vertical scroll for native etc…

Could be nice to somehow connect the two - with the workflows that they share.