Does too many Custom States slow down the app?

Hey guys,

As the title says - does too many custom states slow down my app? I ask this so I can know to organize my app.

Example: I should have all the views (custom states) on one page, e.g. Product listing, account settings, pricing/plans page, etc., OR if it’s better to keep at least some pages separated (individual). If that’s the best way to keep the app performance high.

Hopefully you understand my question and any input is very appreciated.


Hey @petrovic.teodor :wave:

I suggest using reusable elements and then you can drop those reusable elements on a single page for a more smooth experience for yourself when building and for your users.

Most of my apps have a mix of pages and ‘single pages’ with multiple elements on it. Example, my user dashboard is one page with multiple reusable elements. My admin page is separate with its own reusable elements. Index page is its own landing page. Etc.

Does that make sense?

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Hey @J805 ,

Thanks for your answer!

Now, my app structure is like this:

One big “Body” group, and then different wraps within it. When the button “Product Listing” is clicked → I set the app’s state to “ProductListing”, then the “Product Listing Wrap” is shown in the big “Body” group.

Is this the app organization you were referring to? I know about the reusable elements, but I think I’m not using them in my organization (described above). If that’s the case, do you have any videos or something that could help me understand that app organization? I’d appreciate knowing it so I can maximize the performance of my app.

Thank you once again,