Does your project depend on any of these plugins?

Does your project depend on any of these plugins? Are any of them critical for your app to work? Is your app mature with real users and you already make money?

If so, I have a question for you: Are you interested in subscribing to a bug fix and priority support service with immediate attention for $60/month/plugin that is critical to you?

I’ve always received support requests, bugs, etc but lately due to volume I can rarely fix or create the necessary explanation, when I do it takes at least a few months to fit, so I’ve been thinking these days about creating a subscription to provide a better level of service on top of these plugins.

It would consist of proactively creating exemplary plugin documentation and reactively fixing bugs as soon as you inform me of it. In fact, you would directly inform my dedicated on-duty developer.

I’m exploring this idea, if you have interest or other ideas just let me know! :blush:
Call me in private if you want to negotiate something, but you can talk here in the thread if it’s just loose ideas.

Hugs and thanks for reading! :blush:


Sounds like a good idea. :+1: Your time is valuable. You offer so many free plugins. This way, if someone really needs support more quickly, they can get it.

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