Doesnt equal in constraint


is possible to “search for” with constraint that something doesnt equal something?

Example: I need to return all items from data type “houses” expect rows where “street” doesnt equal “parizska”.

Thank you.


Instead of “=” operator use “<>” while setting up the constraints.


ahh, thank you!

@ankur1 How about in workflow constraints?

I was trying to set when Current cell data is not equal to a custom state data but there is no option for = or <>, only have “is not in”.

Use is not

This is no option of “is not”. Only have “is not empty” and “is not in”.
Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 20.03.14

This is no option of “is not”. Only have “is not empty” and “is not in”.

That’s because (evidently) you’re talking about a Date value…

‘is’ and ‘is not’ are not available on the ‘Date’ datatype, and it wouldn’t really be of much practical use if they were.

What exactly are you trying to do? (I suspect you’re misunderstanding what Date objects are in Bubble and how they work).

If you really do need to check if two dates are (or are not) an exact match you can simply extract the Unix timestamp and compare those (but I can’t think of too many applications for that - but again, it depends on what you’re actually trying to do)…

I actually need help with that. I am trying to display a class schedule, with a date filter and a time filter.

The time filter is some buttons in a repeating group, displaying all the start times within the selected date.

To filter by date, I made a date-type custom state. And I use this method to filter the date

Then I don’t know how to further make it filter by time. I was trying to use another custom state for time, but I did not figure out how to ignore the date.

I also try with a text-type custom state, but then I don’t know how to make constraints from a date field to compare a text custom state.

I would appreciate it if you could teach me a proper way to filter by date and time.

I’d probably store the start time as a number on the class datatype (as well as the date field)

Then it’s easy to just filter by the start time irrespective of the date.

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I see. I actually created one text field to store the class Month/Year for another filter. I guess that’s the way it works for the time fitler

Thank you.