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Doing a search for users that only have a default picture?

So I have some default basic images users are given when they first sign up for my app. I want a way to check that these users have not updated their profiles.

So I do a search for users, and check their Photos. I do Photos → Does not contain → Search for Defaults:first item’s value image

When I try to implement the above logic, it seems Bubble does not like this as it stays red and gives ‘…’ like it is expecting something after. Any tips here?

Is it Search for Defaults:first item’s value image…URL??? Guessing

If you hover over the “red” expression it tells you why what Type it is expecting …


I should mention that I am trying to add this as a constraint. I’m not sure if that changes anything.

It’s probably something to do with “contains” and thinking it’s a string, eg does “hello world” contain “hello”. When what you mean is “does list X contain item Y”. So try putting “convert to list” at the end. So it is saying does List contain List (in terms of types).

And this might give you some insight for another approach Show if list A contains any item in list B - #23 by hetnon.freitas

I still can’t get it =/

Amazing how convoluted it is to see if a list contains a value