Doing small jobs for free

PM me on the forum. I’m doing small jobs and bits of work for no charge. (max 30 elements with 30 workflows per page, max 10 pages)


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Clarification - 30 workflows per page, not per element. I don’t want to be doing 900 workflows quite yet :grin:

@anon94914631 PM me: Click on the name next to my profile picture and press this button on my profile: 36%20PM
Use this button in the PM editor 06%20PM to upload a few layouts.

Do you see this when you click my name? 10%20PM
I have to go for possibly a few hours, so

Mm. Email me by clicking this link. Set the subject to bubble portfolio project or something along those lines so i know it’s you.

Okay, i typed that wrong. My email address is Email me there. This should work T_T