Domain name attachment

Can someone help me in attaching my hostinger domain to my bubble app, I’ve changed my DNS records but it’s not redirecting to my wbsite.

Hi :sunny:
Have you tried this:

YES, I’ve checked with my domain provider DNS are working fine

Make TTL as low as possible and why so many same records

records are given by bubble

Strange for domain there should be 2 records, and for subdomain total 6 records

If you have only domain and not subdomain try adding only 2 records one for @ and other for www.
Make TTL as low as possible and check if it works

How much low TTL it’s 4 and half hours

it’s looking for all these 4 records

With checked it’s giving 8 and without checked giving 2 which one should I go to

Are you using cloudflare? If not , then don’t check it

No I’m not so I should add just two records on hostinger

Yes leave it unchecked, add one for @and other for www

OK let me check with this

I will need to wait for the Time To go Live TTL in seconds for dns to propagate globally (that is why there you should enter the lowest possible number)

It’s working now Thanks dear

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