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Domain Name Renewal

Can we set up domain name renewal reminder service in bubble?

You’d need to use some kind of API to bring the expiration dates into Bubble.

Otherwise, should work if you can find an API! If you want to make sure the user owns the domain, you’d need API’s from all of the domain registrars. Otherwise you’d need them to verify their domain by responding to an email from that domain or something like that.

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Thank you for the comment. The required functionality is not exactly domain name renewal service from APIs. Suppose a user log into my website and adds his domain name details like domain name, registrar name, registration date into the database, then my website should send reminder to the user for his domain name renewal after defined time period.

Ah ok.

In that case you’d simply schedule an API to send the User an email/text/whatever it may be.


  1. User provides expiration date
  2. Upon clicking save, you schedule an API workflow or multiple API’s (before 30 days, before 15 days, before 5 days, etc)

Done this before.

Link to my demo and click template for bubble editor.
Feel free to dm me if you got any question.

Cheers, Ada.