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Domains and sub-domains - Need Help

Guys, I need some help.

I have set up as the main domain and linked it to Bubble. The idea was I can create my main home page. So far so good.

However, I also set up a subdomain and it is live. However this is a separate install of WordPress.

Now when I click “Blog” from it links to internal page - EVEN THOUGH I HAVE SET IT AS EXTERNAL LINK!

Why is that? And how can I resolve it?

Final solution will be as follows:

@emmanuel , @georgeciobanu - surely people use it that way?

I don’t think is a subdomain. Typically, anything after the slash would be viewed as a directory within a domain, whereas something like would register as a subdomain. I’m not sure how Bubble handles this, but that stood out to me immediately.


yep… you need to make a subdomain

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@potentialthings and @lonetour - thanks.

That’s disappointing. makes a world of difference to and I am surprised that Bubble doesn’t take as a different domain :frowning:

in the end, does it make much difference? people will come to the blog either by a link on your page, or by google search. Put it on and you might find people to read it too…

It isn’t Bubble’s choice. That is how URLs are I think. It will look for a directory /blog on the domain.

I tried to redirect a subdomain to bubble, but it didn’t like it.


Hmmmm OK, thanks. I am going to set up a sub-domain for it now and move all the content onto there. I guess I will have to rebuild all the permalinks etc… arrrghhhh not fun :disappointed_relieved:

You can try a redirect: goggle for 301 redirect

Why not just add work flow when page is loaded go to External site -> ur WordPress link


That’s exactly what I tried. But nope, the URL looks for a page on bubble.

Infact it is so bad, that I have created a sub-domain with - but I can’t even reach to (backend) because even that looks for a page on the bubble.

So now I have no choice but to unassign domain from bubble, delete all the records in the host and then hope I can still reach the blog to take an export of the content and all media.

It’s too much work for a simple redirect. Is there anything else you can suggest @emmanuel / @lonetour / @NigelG ?

WHere is the blog exactly? In WP? Then just point the subdomain to the WP site, no?

It all went pear shaped. Lost the whole blog. And now had to start from scratch again.

Hi, @Falz. Just thought I’d chime in and help clarify; forgive me if you already know this. is actually not a subdomain but rather a subdirectory. This subdirectory in your case seems to exists where your Wordpress installation is hosted. By creating this subdirectory you are in essence telling browsers to visit that space on that Wordpress server. is actually a subdomain which are generally prepended to a url. Whatever service you use to manage your domain names allows you make a subdirectory and point it to a separate server somewhere else. In order to work with Bubble you’re given instructions which tell you how to make your newly created subdomain point to the Bubble servers.

This is the reason why Bubble isn’t responsible or capable of allowing a subdirectory of I hope that helps and in no way was this intended to be patronizing.




Very frustrating when you are the pioneer in something like this. I would be interested to know how you get on. Hope it works out.

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Yep all of that is correct. I was trying to act smart and use Bubble / WP / Custom app combination. When Custom App / WP were probably the best solution. Anyways, it’s a decision that’s been taken and I will repent it in 12 months :slight_smile:

OK, so for the benefit of all here’s an update. is on

and the main app is on and blog on

As a keen blogger, I know this is a mistake, I shouldn’t have used for designing the homepage as now I cannot host the blog on

Is there a difference between and

Yes. counts the blog views on the main domain. However with a sub-domain the blog views on the main site will not be taken into account. This will not matter to average Joe. However, if you are like me who’s sold a blog before - you know how important these things get when it comes to selling a blog.

Plus, looks neater than

So bottom line is, if you are trying to use and a different technology, think upfront how the integration will work. I will probably repent using / WP / Custom app combination in 12 months time. But I will figure that out when it hits!