Donation payment and history management app

a UK based charity looking to mimic our web based payment process. We would require a responsive design. Since copy the existing one should be relatively straight forward there will be ongoing work to make it smarter and perhaps more intuitive for the donors.

  1. A user should be able to login / signup (email, sms & social media)
  2. Choose to give a single or regular payment
  3. Choose a type of donation they want to make
  4. View a simple history of payments ā€¦
  5. recover password / login
  6. Be able to lookup an address using postal code for accuracy
  7. store date as a thing for reporting / pushing as web hook to third part services

Generally I am pretty ok with code / design but too busy to take this on myself and need find someone to help us get to delivery quicker. I need it finished by end of April 2018 and I have a budget of around $1500 - $2000 to completion.

I will be available for hands on help / guidance pretty much within minutes / hrs and my chosen language to communicate is english.

I have recorded a quick video of the current process to mimic -

PMed you!

Thank you I am looking at these tomorrow.

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Iā€™d be happy to assist you.
Please reach me on or skype:cis.am2 to discuss further.
Hoping for prompt response.


Hi ,

Would be interested in this and definitely something that I could help you out on.
Feel free to email on

Best Wishes,

Thank you all for your feedback and messages. I Have now awarded the project to one your well known colleagues and look forward to the next one which I will be posting right here in the next few weeks. The project is similar but focusses on replacing our existing Cognito forms workflow.

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